Battling Cancer

We create easy-to-use, personalized technology that helps patients and caregivers 

better manage chronic disease, and offers hospitals meaningful insight into their daily challenges and behavior.


Battling Cancer


Learning through insights to advance science requires all stakeholders to work together. Our technology connects hospitals, oncologists, life science researchers, academics and regulators on a shared platform. 


Together we accelerate cancer research and improve the quality of care.

The solutions we co-create with hospitals free patients from the stress of of managing a complicated disease, enabling them to lead, safer, and fuller lives.


For patients and hospitals

Our Oncology Cloud provides patients with access to their diagnosis, procedures, interpreted lab results, regimens, and physiotherapy programs.


Patients can manage their symptoms, get access to funding, check-in/out of hospitals, generate medication intake events or refill prescriptions. They manage treatment schedules, communicate with other patients, or connect to a community of like-minded patients. 


Using our technology, hospitals provide a personalised and seamless experience throughout, while improving productivity and increasing clinical efficiencies.


For life sciences

With access to our enriched Research Cloud, life science companies can advance their use of real-world evidence across the end-to-end product lifecycle to support regulatory decisions, advance disease understanding

clinical guidelines, and support outcome-based reimbursement decisions.


For hospitals and academics

Medicia’s Research Cloud helps hospitals and academics to unlock the value of their 360 data lake that unifies structured and unstructured data from all patients touch-points including EMR and patient reported interactions and experiences. 

Combined with access from Medicia’s curated data, research and clinical teams can now attain far deeper levels of insights.


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